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The Hartley Family

               Ada E. Hartley’s father was Samuel Edwin Hartley, born April 12, 1854 in Millersburg, Meigs County, Ohio.  He married Phoebe (Phebe, Pheebe, Feebee) Sprague in 1876 and the Sprague Family is the family I have spent the most time researching……more to come in future posts!

                I do not have a birth record for Samuel (at least, not yet), but we know who his parents are from his death certificate:  Henry Hartley and Elizabeth Hull Hartley.  Clarence and Ada Hartley Goldsberry lived with Samuel for several years, and Clarence and Samuel seem to have had a farming business relationship.  There are several mentions in the local news section of the Athens Messenger of Clarence and Samuel making a business trip to Athens, or taking a load of hay to Athens.  Another mention of Samuel Hartley in the Athens Messenger is not so complimentary.  The February 13, 1902 edition states that Samuel Hartley was indicted upon assault and battery upon Miss Alice Cook, tried before the petit jury, found guilty and fined $25.  I would love to know what happened there! Samuel is buried at Graham Chapel in Lodi Township, Athens County, OH.

                 We can find Henry Hartley, Samuel’s father, in the 1840 and 1850 Census records in Meigs County, Ohio.  By 1860, he is in Athens Township, Athens County and in 1870, he is in Lodi Township, Athens County.  Earlier census records are less certain.  There are tax records for Henry Hartley in Columbiana County, OH for the years of 1833-1838.  In the 1830 and 1820 Census, I believe Henry is living with his father, Edward Hartley in Columbiana County.  Those census do not name each member of the household, but there is a male child of the right age to be Henry, who was born in 1809 in Pennsylvania .  I know that Edward is the father of Henry because he is named in his father’s will.


                Side note: It is important to remember that Ohio’s county boundaries have changed over the years.  In 1803, there were only 17 named counties.  Columbiana County was in northeastern Ohio, adjoining Washington County to the south.  Athens County would have been a part of Washington County at that time.  To add to the confusion in tracing this family, we need to remember county and state boundaries changed in other states as well.  Obviously, West Virginia used to be all Virginia.  Pennsylvania northern boundaries changed.  Connecticut used to claim all of northern Ohio.

                Edward Hartley was born in 1781 in Pennsylvania.  Our proof that he was born in PA is found in the 1860 Census, where he is living with his son Abram and states he was born in PA, but then the 1850 Census states that he was born in VA.  However, I found him in the 1810 Census in PA, and found no Edward Hartley in VA in 1810.  He was in PA until at least 1810, where Henry was born.  Edward was in Columbiana County by the 1820 Census. Edward died in 1861 in Columbiana County, OH.

                From here on, I am mostly relying on other researchers.  Several state that Edward’s parents are Roger Hartley III and Dorothy Riley Hartley.   Rodger III was born in PA on March 19, 1733 and is recorded in Society of Friends records, Buckingham Monthly Meeting in Bucks County, PA.  His father was also a Rodger (II), born 1702, who was married to Rebecca Packer on June 21, 1727 in Burlington County, NJ (just across the border from Bucks County, PA). 

               Rodger II purchased 100 acres from William Penn in Solebury, PA.  He also had 50 acres was deeded to him by his father.  Rodger II’s parents were Edward Hartley, born May 16, 1666 in England. He arrived with his brother Henry and Edward’s wife, Sarah Midgley, sometime after their marriage in 1693 in England and before the first record of him purchasing land in 1700. 


               Edward’s mother was Alice Vipoint, whose family was well-known in the English Quaker circles.  His father was Rodger Hartley (the first, at least as far as I know).  His birth was recorded in the Hardshire Society of Friends in Lancashire, England. There is not any documentation of Edward joining the Society of Friends when he arrived in America, but his sons later did.
                Edward outlived his son Rodger, as proven by Edward’s will, dated June 13, 1744.  His property was left to his son Thomas, son John, daughter Jenet, and to his son Roger Hartley’s seven children. 



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